Adobe Experience Design (XD) – Almost

My design tools:

  1. Pencil (#2 Soft HB Dixon Ticonderoga) and paper
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows 10

However, over the years, I have tried numerous alternatives. So far, none have been better in terms of quick iterations, high (enough) fidelity, portability, and ease of communication. I have tried numerous prototyping tools, graphics editors of all shapes and online services. No joy.

Recently, Adobe has been working on a product called Adobe Experience Designer (XD). They first released it on the MacOS, which means I couldn’t really use it. Then they released an Alpha for Windows. They called it a beta, but let’s be real, it’s not useable at all. The key missing feature is symbols and layers. Symbols is the one killer feature for me. I am happy with PowerPoint EXCEPT for its lack of symbols.

What’s a Symbol?
Good question. A symbol is a reusable object that you edit in one place and use it in many other spots. For example: In my UI, I have a navigation bar. If I make a bunch of pages, the navigation bar needs to be replicated. If it’s a symbol then I can change the nav in one place and it updates everywhere. This is the biggest pain in PowerPoint.

So the big problem for me trying Adobe XD is that it doesn’t have symbols in Windows yet. I just have to be patient and wait. I’ll review it in more detail once that happens.

Is it here yet?

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