Ajax Experience Part I

Today is day 2 of AjaxExperience 2007.  It is the first conference I have attended since Usability Week 2006.  I have met lots of great people, like Bill Scott from Yahoo.  He worked on their design patterns site, which I think is something every good designer should read.  Also, Brian Cherne of HoverIntent fame.  I love that plugin.  Plus Jack Slocum, the tour-de-force of EXTMarketo uses EXT in a very substantial way and I think it has alot to do with the UI kudos we have been receiving.  Plus, of course, John Resig, founder of jQuery and Yehuda Katz who brought us VisualjQuery.com.

Lots of interesting things of note.  I don’t have internet access right now.  I am using on of their computers on a table.  I am standing without a chair, so basically, I will have to be brief.  Remember, I am a wimp.  That’s the worst thing, no wireless.  Need access!  Oh well, next time.

One thing of note is the excitement about EXT 2.0 from Jack.  He is pumped up about it.  I will have to check that out.  Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to use it one day at Marketo.  I can’t wait!  Also, I learned alot of interesting things about other libraries and the current state of Ajax Development.  I was pleasantly surprised how many design-centric talks there were.  One strange thing is the level of the talks often land in a wierd space.  It’s either too high level or too low level.  Some hit a good spot.  Ultimately, I feel an excitement in the air and I am glad I am here.  Definite thanks to the Ajaxian folks who accepted my presentation.

My talk went very well.  I think I should have coded an actual example live at the podium.  I will have to work that out.  I felt good though and got pretty good feedback.  Overall, there is one day left and I feel pretty psyched to be here.  Tonight is the jQuery meetup in SF.  I forgot my camera.  Nuts.  Maybe I will remember for tomorrow.


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  1. rachel Avatar

    Two of my co-workers are at the show but sadly, despite my telling them not to miss it, neither made it to your presentation. I kicked them in the butt. 🙂

  2. karl Avatar

    Hey Glen,
    Glad to hear that your presentation went well! Wish I could be there to hang out with the jQuery gang.

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