Alliance Week

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This week has officially been dubbed: Alliance week.

America Online has allied itself with Netscape, then agreed to make Microsoft Internet Explorer the de facto browser for all AOL users come this spring. AT&T is talking with AOL as well as Compuserve who is also talking with Netscape and Microsoft. Microsoft allied itself withIntel to make Internet Audio phones a reality this year and IBM along with NEC agreed to make further use of Cyrix chips. Microsoft formed an alliance with Hallmark (No Hallmark URL??) and Intel is planning some Intel pentium pro machines.

Auuuuhhhhhhhh! (The sound of sucking in some much needed breath!) 

Remember when World War I broke out. Many historians believe it was because of too many alliances. One little country gets in a war with another little country and they call in backups. Those backups call in backups and pretty soon…The big one.

Right now it looks like this:

In the red corner weighing in at a jillion dollars, MicrosoftNBCAOL and AT&T.

In the white corner, the browser champion of the worrrrrrld, Netscape, and everyone who isn’t in the red corner.

Let’s get ready to ruuuummmmmmmbbblllee! (On pay per view of course.)

Whatya think?