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I don’t know exactly why, but I made an Wishlist.

I was writing my book and got to a stopping point and wanted to see what did for some UI thing. And I just said, “Well, I am here. Why not?

Note: The content of this site is always objective and free. I don’t have Google Ads or “advertorials”. I write this stuff because I have a compulsion to spout opinions. (It’s genetic, just ask anyone I am related to.) Besides, it’s fun. One day my kids might read this and say, “Man, what a geek”. Geeks are good, by the way. Nerds are bad.



  1. Max, I took a look at it, but I would not say it’s similar to You should be careful making that comparison. Amazon is the 300 lbs gorilla. Do you really want people to look at wishspot and say, “Let’s do a side-by-side with”

    You are much better off saying, “Wishspot is a little better than the wishlist feature.”

    My initial take was that it was ok. Some nice features. Didn’t give me unexpected WOW. It was fine. I never heard of it before. It took me all this time to make an wishlist and there is a good chance my family might actually look there. The likelihood of anyone looking on wishspot is minimal. It’s Metcalf’s law, the value of the network increases with each node on the network. I don’t see wishspot getting over the hump.

    I wish you guys the best of luck. If I were you, I would try to get some groundswell by making your product open source or with open APIs or all in flex…something to sex it up.

    Feel free to email me with new features.

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