Android N Beta Testing

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I am addicted to beta testing. I saw an article about Google allowing Android N beta testing to anyone who wanted it. It warned that there are tons of bugs and that you should never try to use it on your everyday phone.

I literally clicked the button to install it within 10 seconds of reading the article. There wasn’t even a question in my mind. Boom! Beta test!

I haven’t been using it long enough to review properly. The notifications have changed alot. It makes me think that anyone who’s business depends on notifications being consistent are going to be scrambling.

Currently, I’m using the beta versions of WordPress, Office 365 (Insider Preview), Icons8 and Android N. I’m not testing Windows 10 fast ring because of previous problems with my Dell XPS 13 laptop. I’ve been considering the Slow ring. I wish I could beta test more software. Adobe Photoshop, Chrome, Slack, Gotomeeting, Trillian and all software needs to have beta versions for me. Gimme gimme. 🙂


  1. There’s Chrome Canary for Desktop and Chrome Dev or Beta for Android. All completely independent of the stable/production versions you have.

    1. I feel like canary is cheating. I don’t want a separate browser. I want to be using the beta version of the existing browser. It should be a checkbox in Chrome, not a separate app.

    1. Unfortunately, no one sends me beta hardware. I would LOVE to test beta hardware. I think I would give great insightful feedback.
      Anyone want to send me hardware to test?

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