Ann Coulter sucks.

Ann Coulter is the worst human being on the face of the earth.  Ok, maybe that isn’t true.  Kim Jong-il is worse.  But she sucks.  She just gave a speech and called John Edwards a “#@%^”. (censored, because I seriously don’t want to repeat it, although the news media has no issues repeating it again and again.)  What the hell is wrong with her?  She also won’t apologize.  She has absolutely no sense of decency whatsoever.

What is it about republicans that inspire such awful rhetoric?  You NEVER see someone on the left use language like that.  The worst name has big “big fat idiot” to describe Rush Limbaugh.  Man, I hope Al Fraken wins that senate race in Minnesota.

I’m just disgusted.  Ann Coulter should be deported to North Korea.  She makes me sick.

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Well, to show you that, in my view, liberals and conservatives are the same people, look at what Rosie said:

I don’t find Anne Coulter’s remarks offensive. She’s entitled to say what she wants to say, but she IS stupid. You’re right about that. I mean, the republican party is already in trouble. They don’t need more bad press. This just provides fuel for the Democrats. I think both Democrats and Republicans are idiots. Anyone that requires a party to identify with is not trustworthy. Whatever happened to staying true to yourself. I’m independent. I don’t believe there is a god or gods (unless you show me hardcore scientific proof). I don’t think the governement should tell me what to do. And, I think racists are stupid, but free to say what they want to say.

Remember, in the words of my former professor George Lakoff, “The reason liberals and conservatives argue on the same issues and step on each others toes so much is because they all argue from the same family frame. The only difference is that the conservatives follow the strict father model and the liberals follow the nurturant mother model.”

Both parties fail to see that and that’s why we have problems up to today. The worlds problems were caused by both parties. And, the problems were even more compounded when they fight.

Can’t we all just get along???

I think of myself as a Progressive in the style of Henry Wallace (VP to FDR and Sec of Agriculture). He was a capitalist as well as a liberal. He believed that if you studied a problem and thought about the solutions, with a little creativity, then you could improve people’s lives and maintain a balance in the economy. I believe we, as a society, do way too many things that make people’s lives worse and create instability in the economy.

We spend an enormous amount of money on weapons systems that would only be good if we had to fight World War II again. Like Trident Submarines. How in the world are Trident Submaries going to help us against Terrorism? That money could have been used for a million other things that would have helped society.

Now, this assumes that you don’t create mindless beuacracies that just spend money and don’t do anything. This is the hard part and a strong focus of progressivism. Productivity and tangible results are key. You can’t just throw money at a problem. It needs inspiration and leadership. That is the part where we need more Henry Wallace’s out there.

Ann Coulter is an idiot, that’s not an opinion, it is a fact. Although, she IS a retardican Fixed “news” personality, after all, they’re all intolerant, ignorant, uneducated half-wits. Glenn Beck, Andrew Wilkow, John Gibson, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh…need I say more?

Whatya think?