April Fools has Jumped the Shark

I used to LOVE April fools day.  It was a chance to make gullible people believe the craziest things.  Pranks and humor is a time-honored part of the start-up world.  Creative people love this “no holds barred” day of fun.

My favorite prank was on my father after my third child was born.  I told him, “We have news…Katie is pregnant again.”  He yelled, “My god, don’t you people have birth control?!”  It’s all in good fun.

Then Google started their tradition a few years ago.  At first it was cute.  Now the whole thing has jumped the shark.

Definition of Jump the Shark
a term to describe a moment when something that was once great has reached a point where it will now decline in quality and popularity.

Origin of this phrase comes from a Happy Days episode where the Fonz jumped a shark on water skis. Thus was labeled the lowest point of the show.


Not only is everyone jumping on the April 1 bandwagon, Google has lost their collective minds.

Look at Techcrunch’s April 1 Roundup.  I can’t even copy it in bullet form.  It’s retarded.  I can’t take it.  It’s lost all sense of fun.  Now, it’s a perfunctory corporate game that has no soul.

User Experience is about baking love into the cookies.  It’s knowing when you put too many chocolate chips in the batter.  It’s know that you should always leave them wanting more.  It’s about getting people to love you without smothering them.

I don’t love Google (or any of those other guys) for this inundation of fun.  I feel like they ruined one of my favorite days of the year.

This year, the pranksters are the fools and we all have to live with it.

Whatya think?