Asus MX34VQ 34″ UQHD Monitor and Scaling

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I was using a LG 34UM68-P ultra wide monitor, but I was having some trouble seeing the edges of the screen. They literally were so far away that they turned blurry to my old eyes. Previously, I had been using a LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD IPS Monitor and I really appreciate the curved screen. The edges were still easy to see.

So I decided to order a new screen for work. In hindsight, I could have ordered the LG Curved that I liked, but I forgot the model number. Anyway, I ended up ordering a different, but very similar monitor. The Asus MX34VQ 34″ UQHD.

It’s certainly wide enough and the curved monitor works well. The resolution is ridiculous, 3440×1440. This actually creates a problem. On the Mac, there is a thing called Scaling, which you can use on the laptop screen to increase the size of everything while maintaining crispness. Unfortunately, it’s not letting me do that on the monitor.

Notice on the left, I have the scaling and on the right I do not. So end up having to increase the font size in Chrome and other programs. Unfortunately, many programs do not have this option. For those programs, I am having a major problem seeing the text. I ordered a DisplayPort -> USB-C cord and I will see if that improves the situation. I could get reading glasses for sitting at my desk, but that seems like I would be admitting that I am old, which I obviously do not want to do.

I am not sure why Apple doesn’t handle this situation more gracefully. This is obviously a trend. Bigger and better monitors are getting cheaper and cheaper. I haven’t tried this monitor with Windows, but I bet the scaling feature works.

Oh, one extra feature. The base of the monitor is a Qi charger. That is very clever. I had already put a wireless stand from Google next to it, so I don’t need it, but still, that’s a smart move.

I wonder why the monitor doesn’t have a USB-C native port. Isn’t USB-C supposed to be the big new thing? LG has an even bigger monitor with a USB-C connection. I wonder if that machine does the scaling? I honestly didn’t know that this would be a problem.

I’ll update this post if I find a solution. If you happen to have the answer, please post it below.

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