Back in Black

Formerly Internet Review, BETA is now my little way to express my burning desire to predict. Here is my disclaimer and explanation for anyone who cares:

I think the majority of industry leaders and analysts are short-sighted and hype crazy. I think that whenever a revolutionary new technology (printing press, PC, automobile, electric lightbulb, etc) makes its way into semi-public opinion you inevitably end up with predictions. These predictions are usually off the mark and lack vision.

You sometimes have the “naysayer” remarks which say that the world is flat no matter how many “educated” people say so. The world is flat and that’s that!

Then you have the “hype” statements. These are equally off base as the naysayers with such memorable comments as, “Color TV is just a fad.” and the PC industry will kill the paper industry by 1982. Hypesters see the best in every situation, God Bless ’em, but they are often just wildly off base.

I do not pretend to say I’m always right. But, I don’t ignore the truth in new products and industry happenings. Sometimes I hype stuff but only when I think the product deserves the attention.

In a nutshell, I will try to give you a little flashlight into the future in exchange for first-born child.

Back from the grave! BETA will be updated every day or two.

Whatya think?