Bad signs/Nice things

Auto supply giant Delphi files for Chapter 11. General Motors may get dragged into bankruptcy over it.
MCI and Verizon are merging.
SBC and At&T are merging. They even have a special website for it.

This doesn’t fill me with confidence that phone services are going to improve. I hate when Coke/Pepsi give the illusion of competition and in reality, they are the same damn thing.

Total change of subject:
What is the nicest thing anyone ever said to you me? I am having a hard time remembering even a few good candidates. Once Darcie said something nice about my leadership at Koko. I need to mull on this, I should be able to recall many options.

How about you? What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

One reply on “Bad signs/Nice things”

This one time, when I was little, my brother said that I was the greatest person who ever walked the earth, and that my very existence gave him meaning. He continued that when I walked into a room, it was like a god Osiris had taken on human form was wanted to share with the world his vast wisdom and kindness.

Whatya think?