Bernie Sanders is Larry David

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I was watching some clips of the debate and Bernie Sander’s voice kept poking me in the brain. It sounded exactly like someone else. As if Bernie was doing an impression. Then it hit me. He was doing an impression of Larry David.  Check out these two clips.

The first is Larry David on 60 minutes. You only need to watch the first minute or so.

Then here is Bernie at the debate.

His cadence is awesome. It has a comedic timing and rhythm that makes you want to listen to him. I think this was a smart move on his part. He looked like he was “above the fray” and not political.

I’ve met Hillary Clinton, and loved her.  However, right now, Bernie has my vote. I’m a progressive and I love his policies. Hillary is a great choice, but Bernie is tapping directly into my progressive spirit.  Sorry Hillary.


UPDATE: Right after I posted this, Saturday Night Live had the exact same idea.


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