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Joe Biden took one more step towards running for president. (See article) I really like Biden as a candidate. He has gravitas. His resume is good. He commands a solid presence. I just hope he runs a better campaign than Gore/Kerry. I like Hillary Clinton, but I think she may not be able to win. I’d like to see her stay in the Senate or possibly run for Governor.

Kid note: Ethan got upset the other night and threw a fit on the couch. Sarah and Sean Clegg told Jared to go over to Ethan and make him feel better. He said OK and walked over to Ethan. After a few seconds he said, “Excuse me, Eeeftan.” (long pause) “Wanna fight?” Ethan said no. Jared came back and said, “I tried.”

Oh, to be young again, when sword fighting was the most wonderful thing in the world.


  1. Biden is a punk. I don’t think he could beat Frisk or Jeb. But, just the thought of that and now I’m already drepressed. So who should the democrats put up. Here are some of my choices; Tony Blair (VP-Oprah), Steve Jobs (VP-Obama), Bill Bradley (VP-Michael Jordon), Howard Dean (VP-Hillary Clinton), Fred Thompson (VP-Joe Montona), John McCain (VP-Elliot Spitzer). That’s all I got for now. And if John Kerry, John Edwards, or Joe Lieberman end up running (and being seriously considered) I might vomit on myself.

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