Bill Clinton at Cody’s Books

Bill Clinton is visiting Cody’s Books in Berkeley on June 29. (See link). The question is: Should I go?

I would have to buy his 950 page book. Am I going to read it? I dont know. I can’t imagine its well written. Is it honest? Will it get me closer to my goal? (see Wisdom below)

What do you ask Bill Clinton?
“Thank you for signing my book, Mr. President. I used to live in Tarrytown, NY right near your home. Now you are here in my new home Berkeley. Does that make us friends? Want to come over for dinner?”

So back to the question: Should I go? Im not going to read the book. I didnt read Hillary’s book, but we could have seen her at a book signing in NY and we didnt. What would a wise man do?

Whatya think?