I am in a bad mood today. Maybe it’s biorhythms. Maybe my body chemistry is wreaking havoc on my disposition.

Although it’s tempting to think so, I think it is not my body chemistry. I think something is inside of my brain that is itching. Some anger or fear or resentment or regret. It’s like a little troll that eats at the foundations of my mind.

The death toll for the tsunami in the Indian ocean is over 50,000 people. Dead, just like that. One minute you are on the beach staring at a cutie in a thong and then you notice the giant wall of water moving towards you. You could run, but it wouldn’t matter. It is coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You have time for about 45 seconds of activity. Scream? Run? Or go over to the cutie in the thong and cop a feel. Do you think God would mind if you did that, but otherwise led a decent life? I imagine he would be lenient. God loves a drowning man.

Would you die of drowning or of the impact of the waves? What terrible tsunami is approaching me? What terrible event is slowly working its way to me? Do we have a destiny?

I need to go home. Hungry, Tired. Bad mood.

Computers are cheap cheap cheap and I cant buy one. All our money is in the house. I hope my career goes well. No mentor yet.

Whatya think?