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On Ajaxian, they had this article about BlueprintCSS. It’s a CSS framework to make grids and other useful base components of a webpage. My main concern however is having equal-height columns. It doesn’t seem to have that, on first glance. My second concern is how detailed it is with great commenting. This is a good thing, but I seriously can’t follow all of it. There is a “science” of CSS-ology that I really have not been keeping up with. I don’t do enough CSS. I probably spend 1 out of every 10 days on it. This is clearly not enough to be on the cutting edge and state of the art. I use jQuery much more often. And lately, I have been completely trapped in PowerPoint.

There is an old saying about gymnasts using the rings (Like this). If you aren’t doing it every day, you can’t do it. I feel like BluePrintCSS is like that. Either you are doing it every day or this is over your head.  I am pretty good at CSS, better than most people, but I am not at this level of excellence.  I am more like this.  It’s the downside of being a jack-of-all trades.  I really have trouble becoming a master at anything.

Anyway, the framework looks pretty cool.   I will try it next time I have a site to build.  Not sure when that will be.

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I completely agree with you. jQuery is great, I totally get it, but this is complicated. My thought is that if you have the skills to use this, you probably don’t need it. If they release a GUI that would allow you to essentially build a css table it may be more successful.

I also agree. And I really don’t know the js syntax at all. I thought having an interface, which was just released, would help all the designers like me who would like a bit more punch to their designs.

However, their “tutorials” and “documentation” are WAY over my head. Wish someone would come along and translate all that goobledigob into plain ol’ English.

Whatya think?