Bluesky Social

I was recently invited to try Bluesky Social, the Twitter competitor founded by the original Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. It seems pretty early days. There is no iPad app or WordPress Plug-in. Not many influencers have accounts yet. My account here.

I need to try putting up some posts and see if it devolves into insane rage posts and comparisons to Hitler. Right now, I have exactly one share invite code.

Some screenshots of mobile and social.

My profile
Desktop view

This is an interesting content filtering modal. These are the defaults:

Someone made the decision that porn is “hide” but torture is “warn”. What is wrong with this world? Sex should be less of a problem than torture. Needless to say, I am hiding the torture.

I have never been much of a Twitter poster. I mainly use it to promote my blog posts, we shall see how this thing evolves. I haven’t found all the people I want to follow yet. Time will tell.


Whatya think?