Book Writing Weekend and PNG fixes

I skipped Memorial day festivities this weekend to focus on writing the book and preparing the presentation for AjaxExperience 2007.  I was pretty productive, but felt I could have been more so.  It was hard to maintain focus.  There was always the waiting distraction of food, break or sidetrack.  I felt like SpongeBob Squarepants when he had to write an essay for boating school.  Mrs. Puff canceled the assignment, but I won’t be so lucky.  Those of you without little kids may have no idea what I am talking about.

In the book, I finally got through the HTML/CSS review section and could start on the jQuery part.  When I got over that hump, things started going much faster.  jQuery just is so much fun.

Oh, also on the weekend, I helped a friend put together his portfolio site. (site link on request) The way I achieved the shadowing effects is particularly cool.  I even did a victory lap.  Check out the sructure.  It’s so simple and yet so powerful.  The reason I had to be so clever is that PNGs just have terrible IE support.  Why can’t Microsoft figure out how to fix this in IE6?  I would love a special .htx file from Microsoft which completely added png support to IE6.  It would change web development if they did.  Right now, I have to use hacks, none of which is perfect. There is a jQuery one, but it didn’t work right for me.  There are so many and they all act a little differently.  Which one is the best?

Requirements for the perfect PNG Fix:

  1. PNGshave transparency
  2. Transparency can be used as a background with REPEAT and position.
  3. PNGs can be stretched 100% height or width
  4. PNGs can be used as tiles for mouseover with transparency (background-position)
  5. PNGs can added via AJAX


Whatya think?