Brown sucks

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So I ordered this Vonage thing to get phone service through the internet. UPS was supposed to ship it. I tracked the shipment online and they said they left it on the porch. But there was no shipment on the porch. So either the UPS driver is a liar or someone stole it within the 2 hours between the time they claim to have dropped it off and the time Katie got home.

I think they are lying. They couldn’t even find our house. Why isn’t my street on Mapblast? Mapquest is wrong too! And Yahoo Maps is wrong!

How long will it take to get my street known to the world? I am living on Limbo Street, on the corner of void and nowhere. HELP ME! The only map online that shows our street is this one. We live under the box that says Refugio Neighborhood. Here is the Hercules Website. Notice the 7th link under “Living in Hercules”.

You know, Fedex found our house. Brown sucks.

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