Browser Possession Part II

Remember Browser Possession?  It was at the end of last years AjaxExperience.  I had figured that it was a dead issue, but apparently it has come up again a few times in this years conference.

I asked the Adobe guys about it and got a surprising answer.  They are talking about doing it with the Flash player.  They might embed Webkit into Flash.  This would change EVERYTHING.  Any developer could convert their page to be a Webkit page even if the user is using IE6.  Browsers could take a wild-leap forward without having to worry about IE6 anymore.  Webkit is hella fast too!  I could get my rounded corners and shadows now instead of years from now when IE8 is gone.

I know its hard work to make it “perfect”, but I go to sleep each night and pray that Adobe can find a way to make it work.

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If you hear any updates about this, please share them!

Afaik plugins like Flash run on a completely different level then normal JS stuff (thats why Java Applets can crash my Firefox), so the performance could actually be useful.

PS: Why does tab from this textarea focus something at the bottom of the page, and not the Submit button?

I see you’ve become a true no-cal resident using “hella”.
I hope your doing good, we met at the Ajax Experience.

It would be great if adobe goes through with this

Whatya think?