Captain Obvious

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So much of UX is using logic and common sense to solve a problem. However, much of it is counter-intuitive to people.  I feel like I am being Captain Obvious, but others think it is the opposite of obvious.  Quite frustrating.  Here is a quick top 10 examples:

  1. The more things you put on a single web page, the less the viewer will remember any single message.  Put one core message per page and it will be remembered.
  2. The more text you have the less people will read any of it.  I’ll read 1-5 sentences, but if you have 200 sentences, I likely won’t read any of it.
  3. People like applications that are friendly and don’t like applications that are rude.
  4. People don’t read directions/instructions.
  5. No one will remember when you launched something.  They remember how they felt when they first experienced it.  Therefore, don’t rush it to market.
  6. All other things being equal -> a better experience will create a better business.
  7. Slow applications/web pages suck.
    1. 1 second is as good as instant most of the time for UI interactivity.  2 seconds feels slow.  3 seconds sucks.  4-5 seconds is broken.  The curve is sharp.
  8. Enterprise customers want the application to be MORE lively and fun than SMB.  This is because they want (more than SMB) to feel alive.  “Enterprise wants it to be conservative is a crock”
  9. Not everyone has opinions.  Some people have experience.
  10. It can always be better.

If only these things were obvious to everyone.  I think the world of websites and software would be very different.



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