Cartoons Sketches from 1992

I used to doodle all the time. My brother just sent me an old notebook he found. I had this running series of comics about the Assumptions. Creatures from the planet Assump. Get it?

Anyway, here is a good sampling of them.

RCC was my community college – I wasn’t a good student
Assumption Lifecycle, about a year
I think I might have been tired
More energy! Nice.
Oh no! Bad assumption!
Ok, getting creative.
I spelled obituary wrong.
Ahh, my leftist leanings at work
I liked UI even back then
This cartoon surprised me
Very clever. Gary Larsen probably did this already.
Assumption style!
My handwriting is terrible
Ok, not bad

Anyway, they aren’t great pieces of art, but they made me smile.I hope they gave you a little pep too.

Do you doodle? Maybe paste a doodle of your own in the comments. Do my comments let you paste images?

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