Catchy Phrases

It seems the most important quality in public debate is the catchiness of the phrases one uses. Some Examples:
Everyone thought conservatives just don’t care about the plight of the working class and poor people. They were right. But then came “Compassionate Conservative”. None of the policies changes, but people changed their perception of conservatives and lost interest in the debate over whether our society should protect the working class and the poor.

Richard Russell (Senator 60 years ago) beat his opponent largely because of the popularity of the negative nickname he gave his opponent, “Kilowatt Charlie”.

Creationism, long discredited as bunk, has a facelift. It is now called Intelligent Design. Bush says we should teach this crapola in our public schools. Creationism = Hogwash. Intelligent Design = Possible explanation of life on Earth. Where for art thou Objectivity?

Nixon beat his female opponent by saying she was soft on Communism. Not Red, but at least pink. Nixon told reporters that his opponent was “pink right down to her underwear.”

It is upon the catchy phrase that lies the bellwether of public opinion. One good line buys millions of votes and political pressure. It is sad. We are so estranged from the real policies we can only choose between sound bites. They should teach a course for Political Science Degrees called, “Catchy Phrases 101”. It may be the most important political skill there is.

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I like how you relate creationism to hogwash which means you believe evolution is the foundation of life. So let me get this strait, the idea that we have been created by all powerful God is inconceivable while the idea that every living organism “evolved” from “nothing” makes more sense to you? Ok, lets put aside the big bang theory which says that before the big bang there was literally “nothing” in existence and that “nothing” compressed together and exploded resulting in enormouse rocky planets, stars etc… All of that aside, lets assume it started with the volcano covered, rocky formation that is now Earth. You’re telling me we as humans evolved from rocks? Sounds a little silly when you break it down, huh?

Correct spelling – Straight. You spell like Danny. And that is bad.

Humans evolved from chemicals. Yes.

In fact, interesting tidbit: I was recently watching the Dicovery channel in HD and they were showing video of a underwater robot looking miles under the sea at volcanic spouts.

Interestingly, no other life was this far down below, EXCEPT for around the volcanic tube. No sunlight down there at all. These creatures converted some gas from the lava into energy or something.

Anyway, it turns out, life starts spontaneously with the right checmicals and heat. Science is not the enemy. Ignorance of the world and facts around us are.

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