I think choices can be looked at in two ways.

The first is: You make a choice, it is either right or wrong. Wrong = Bad and Upset. Right = Good and Content.

The second is: You make a choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong. The exciting thing is the opportunity to make a decision. Exciting = Good and Happy.

We usually make minor decisions like, where to eat lunch or What shirt to wear today. But we sometimes are asked to make a bigger choice. Like, Is this a good career for me? Should I move to a new community? Should we have more children?

One choice I think we often do not make is: “How should I feel about that?”
This is often the biggest choice of all. I pointed this out in my first statement. We often do not make a choice about how we feel about things. We just feel the way we feel and do not modify that feeling.

Are we capable of modifying how we feel about things? Or are we locked into our defaults? Is it a skill one can learn? Or a talent one is born with?

I do not think there are “right” answers to these questions, but it is exciting to me choose an answer.

Whatya think?