Choosing a Mobile Font

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Right now, Im designing a mobile app and choosing a font. (So many fonts to choose from!) Some rough requirements gathered from various stakeholders:

  1. Not too stylized/fancy
  2. Easy to read at small fonts
  3. Round o  – I like circular o’s and p’s and b’s and d’s etc.
  4. Enough styles (italics, bold, light, semi-bold)
  5. Numbers should not drop/descend too much

I looked at many and made a medium-short list:

  • Lato
  • Ubuntu
  • Work Sans
  • Montserrat
  • Nubile
  • Valera Round
  • Raleway
  • Nobile
  • Open Sans

I narrowed it down some more with subjective reasoning. For example I knocked out Lato because everyone uses Lato. Also, I’m tired of Open Sans. After staring at fonts, eventually they all start to look the same. You get bleary-eyed. I made a screenshot comparison of our final 3.

Work Sans is the font I’ve been using to mimic Salesforce Sans.

Montserrat is a very readable font, but interestingly, the ALL CAPS of it are very stylized.

Finally was Poppins.  First of all, I love the name. It’s fun. Secondly, its very readable. It actually reminds me of Google Sans in many ways. It satisfied all of the requirements.

I decided on Poppins. You know why? Of course, you do. The name! Remember, I’m the guy who named Munchkin. Of course, Poppins also satisfies the requirements. Last step will be to use it for a little while and make sure it holds up to scrutiny.

As usual, when I look at fonts, I change the default font on my blog (Montserrat!). I also changed the google font plugin to Easy Google Fonts. It integrates nicely with the customization screen.

Fonts and Logos. You can really get lost in them.


Whatya think?