Cisco Pix 501

Firewalls: Cisco Pix 501
I bought this device because so many people said how great it is. I have to say, I HATE this thing. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is horrible. It doesn’t work right at all. The command line is cryptic. It seems that either you know Cisco’s arcane command line language or you are up the creek. I’m a GUI person and I need to see what I am doing in an elegant interface.

From what I understand from the Cisco people themselves is that their GUI team (PDM) is having an internal war with the command line team. Also the IOS people are fighting with the PIX people. It seems that this is a big internal mess with no clear leadership.

You’d think that Cisco could put some resources into an elegant GUI. For these reasons, I think its a rotten stock and put their ability to capture a good portion of the low end market at a C-.

Whatya think?