Commadot Theme Part I

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The sandbox is pretty easy to work with.  I haven’t checked it in IE6, but things seem to be going smoothly.  I decided a “cloud” motif. The truth is, I am not much of a graphic designer.  I know what looks good, but I can’t produce my own stuff very easily.  Clouds allow me to be fuzzy around the edges.

Some things in my head were:

  1. Animated
  2. Friendly
  3. Rounded Corners
  4. Transparency
  5. 3D Layered
  6. Original

Yes, this list is a jumble of different topic areas, but still, those were in my head.

I started with jQuery and jQuery UI.  I added the background images and colors and made the clouds.  Animating them was super easy.  I rounded the corners with a jQuery plugin.  It is easy to use and doesn’t make a million sub-<DIV> tags.  However, it’s not perfect when the fade gets behind it.  You can see the color mismatch.  I will have to figure something else out.  I could change the structure of each box to be a 3×3 table grid.  That would allow me to use transparent PNG-24 files to create the rounded effect.  In fact, that would allow me to put an outerglow on the whole thing too.  I am leaning towards doing this.  It would enhance the 3D effect and the table structure is not that ugly.  I wish there was a better way.

I actually tried corner.js.  I used a small 50×50 PNG with 50% transparency and absolutely positioned it around the DIV with a height/width of 100%.  It worked PERFECTLY, except that is was dog-slow.  I removed it for two reasons.  One, it wasn’t jQuery and it felt wrong.  Two, it was just too slow.  Still, this was the closest thing I had to a superDIV ever.

I added a couple of new plugins like the rich text editor for comments.

Right now, I think I am just in brainstorming mode.  I am trying out new things and the design is coming into focus.  I need to add in the picture of the kids somewhere.  Maybe riding on the clouds?

When I look at the theme, I like it, but I don’t know if it’s ME.  Is this the blog of a UX Architect?  Somehow I don’t think it is.  Is this original enough?  Does it evoke the right feeling?  I tend to think No, it doesn’t.  Still, it’s alot of fun to play around with it.  I like the feeling of playing with one’s one blog.


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  1. “Is this the blog of a UX Architect?  Somehow I don’t think it is.”

    I don’t know what the typical blog of an UX Architect looks like, but i like this theme.

    It’s clean and focussed on content, without disturbing clutter. It works for me.

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