Cute, but annoying

This morning Jared and Ethan are playing. Ethan pretends to hit Jared. Jared Screams and comes running (crying) to me.

“Daddy, Eeeftan hit me. I say Peas Top! You spank his bottom!”

He then turns to Ethan and yells, “You in time out!”

I said, “Ethan did you hit him?” Ethan says, “No, I just pretended to hit him.”I respond, “Could you please cut it out? He keeps screaming when you do that.”
Jared chimes in, “Yeah, Eeeftan! I say Peas Top!”
“Ok”, I say, “Jared, stop whining. Ethan stop hitting.”

Silence lasts for 35 seconds. Jared comes running in crying. “Daddeeee, Eeeftan hurt my heart! Kiss it”

I blow two distracted kisses his way. “Thank you!” he calls as he runs back to play with Ethan.

What should I do with them? Can’t sell them.

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What are you going to do is in five years when matthew runs to you and says

“Daddy daddy, we were playing and ethan held me down with his knees and than he did “keyboard” on me. He would punch letters on my chest and spell out mean things about you and mommy and me. And than he grabbed my pinky toe and it hurted. Tell him to stop it, tell him that you would never do that, never ever.”

What are you going to than?

Whatya think?