Cutting the Cord Part 4

Ok, cutting the cord isn’t going to work for me.

So let’s recap:

  1. Had DirecTV with Comcast Internet
  2. Switched to no DirecTV and just Android TV streaming (Netflix, Amazon Prime)
  3. Added Amazon FireTV
  4. Added Hulu at various levels (including the new beta)
  5. Added YouTubeTV
  6. Switched from Comcast to Wave
  7. Added Tivo Bolt with Wave cable (normal channels + HBO)
  8. Getting rid of Hulu and YouTubeTV and Amazon FireTV

Numbers 7 and 8 are new. Funny enough, we had Tivo almost 20 years ago. The sound file they use for the error indicator is exactly the same.  The interface has changed, alot, but some things are still the same.

Why Tivo?
Once I realized that streaming everything had a problem. Most channels require you to have a cable service offering the channel for you to see it. So I had to choose. a cable TV provider. Since I already switched from Comcast to Wave, I decided to go with Wave’s offering. They have their own box, but offered the option of a Tivo.  I did some research on Tivo and was intrigued by the new Bolt which was reviewed in C|Net. This is basically like choosing an oeprating system, except there are more options than Windows/Mac/Linux.  Choices are:

  1. Android TV
  2. Amazon Fire
  3. Tivo
  4. Sling
  5. Roku
  6. Apple TV
  7. Other?

Wow, there are alot of choices. So I went with the Tivo. I didn’t realize this but Tivo charges $15 a month on top of the cable provider. This was ALMOST a deal breaker for me. However, I was so frustrated by the different options that I was too worn down to protest.

I purchased the device from BestBuy because I wanted the option of returning it if I hated it. They only had a 500gig version. I ended up liking it, but I think I should get the 1tb version instead, so I am going to swap them out. I also added a Tivo Mini so our other TV can show the same shows.

In some ways, I feel like I have come full circle. Instead of DirecTV and Comcast, I have Tivo and Wave. I feel generally good about that because I think DirecTV and Comcast have become too big and I want to vote with my wallet. I think competition is good for innovation.

The only problem now is that my Eero wifi (mesh network) has been acting screwy and I can’t tell if it’s the Eero having issues or the Wave internet.  I could have left it all alone, I suppose, but what is the fun in that??


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