Designers require a positive attitude

The reality is that everyone has negative feedback about any design.  It doesn’t mean that it’s all stupid feedback, although much of it is exactly that.  However, it does mean that a designer is constantly bombarded with negative critique from design peers, management and executives, engineering and product management.  It is crucial to maintain a positive attitude throughout the process.

One technique I use is to abstract myself away from my work.  They aren’t criticizing me (even though sometimes it sounds just like that), they are criticizing the work.  I am not my work.  When I hear someone poke holes in the design, I take it as a positive thing.  I have found information that will help me improve the design.

Additionally, design projects sometimes (often) hit that point where it feels like it is going to fall apart.  Even so far as making you think you need to start over.  You can’t let this demoralize you, you have to believe this is a great moment.  You have to believe that months later you will look back and say, “Ahh, that was a great decision.  The design got much better after that.”

Design is hard.  It takes right-brained creativity and inspiration, plus left-brained analysis and hard work.  It is a slog sometimes getting through the details.  The important thing is to keep your chin up and your attitude positive.  if you can’t you will be miserable in this craft.

Each day is a chance to design something people will love.

Whatya think?