Designing for Google Chrome

I am completely boggled by the development strategy of Chrome.  Right now, I am trying to collect various Chrome bugs in the application I design.  Which version should I use for testing?  How different are they?  What’s the difference in the various branches?  How will I know if the user upgrades?  How will I know if there are new risks for bugs?

Google maintains this blog of Chrome updates. There are three strains of Chrome.  Stable, Beta and Dev and UNKNOWN.  As of now, if I look in FileForum, they have 4 different downloads.  They call them v11, v12, v13 and v14.  Why is 11 there?  On their blog, it looks like 12-14 are the stable, beta and dev, so I don’t understand why v11 is still available.  More importantly, what is really the difference between thees branches from an HTML, CSS and JS development standpoint?

Please, oh please, can’t they just NAME the version “Stable”, “Beta” and “Dev” rather than these insane numbers.  Today’s 14 – Dev is tomorrow’s 14 – Stable.  It’s confusing all of us!

Based on this information, my best guess is to use the “Stable” version only and let it update automatically.  Then, I need to constantly test to see if regressions show up.  Yuck.

If someone has a better idea how to support this browser, I am all ears.

Something nice to say:  Chrome is wicked fast!  I wouldn’t be bothering with this if it wasn’t.

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