Different Kinds of Spam

I get spam from alot of different sources.  Each one is a pain in the ass.  Why can’t government figure out how to make this manageable?

  • Snail Mail. Every day, my mailbox is full of coupons and solicitations from charities and political groups.  I get magazines and newsletters that we never read.  We just throw it away.  I feel horrible that we are wasting so much paper.  This is the worst kind of spam because it pollutes the environment.
  • Email.  The obvious one, of course.  I get about 50 emails a day from unknown sources, that I can never unsubscribe.  I can’t find an appropriate filter in gmail to make them go away.  I was considering banning the world Viagra from all email and filtering that to straight deletion.  I am not even sure that would work.  I’m going to try though.  If you email me something with the word Viagra in it, I may not see it.
  • Cell Phone.  For some reason, I get exactly one kind of phone spam.  It’s for insurance for my car.  It’s bizarre.  Why is that the only kind of spam I get on my phone.  I can’t make it stop.
  • WordPress Comments.  I get about 10-40 junk comments per day.  Of these, usually 1-2 sneak past my multiple layers of spam control.  Most popular one to make it through?  Essays for college papers.  What is that?  This is a real nuisance type of spam, because I don’t check it all the time.  Also, I am constantly afraid of my WordPress installation failing for some reason.  I really need to back it up more often.  I am going to do that today.
  • Instant Messenger Invite Spam.  I get invites about 2-3 times a week from some stranger to connect on IM.  It’s slimey and preys on the weak.  I can’t stop it from happening.  It’s depressing because I know that people are being scammed by this.
  • My mom’s computer. She inadvertently clicks on something she shouldn’t.  Next thing you know, she gets tons of popups and bad software put on her computer.  It’s an awful practice.  Some programmer made software intended to be impossible to get rid of.  Bad programmer.  Bad.
  • Door-to-door Salesman. Someone knocks on the door and wants money.  I feel bad for these kids who look like they are clearly having trouble finding a better job.  They seem hard working, but this isn’t the way.  I can’t just delete them like other spam.  I feel like I need to be polite.  It doesn’t happen often, but takes the most time per instance to make go away.

That’s alot of different channels to spam me.  Making this list is depressing.  Seth Godin would never approve of these shenanigans.

2 replies on “Different Kinds of Spam”

Do you use GMail? I’ve used it since it came out, and I seriously (no exaggeration) get no spam in my inbox — never do. When it comes to blocking advertising-based spam emails, who better to know what to block than Google? 😉

I’m usually for government regulation, but spam is one area where I think the government could better spend its time elsewhere.

I use Gmail. 97% of my spam is caught. 3% slip through. I get 1% false positives. Do you review your spam for false positives?

I’d like better tools to make the spam not show up at all. Specifically drugs and sex and russian wives.

Whatya think?