Digital Shpilkas

My parent’s used to call it “Shpilkas“.  It basically means “ants in the pants”.  I feel like that about my blog.  I constantly want to change things like the theme or the plugins.  A few days ago, I changed the anti-spam plugin back to WP-SPam from Mollem.  I am not sure why I did this.  Mollem was working fine.  I guess it’s because I saw that WP-Spam had upgraded and I just can’t resist using upgraded software.  I feel like maybe, just maybe, they fixed everything and it’s great now.  What can I say; I have shpilkas.

My complain with WP-Spam a while back was that it blocked a friend’s comments.  It is so hard to find out of there are any false positives.  If anyone gets a false positive, please email me.  I put my contact info in the sidebar to the right.

Maybe, I should try the TinyMCE Comments again.  I can’t remember if there was a conflict with WP-Spam.

Whatya think?