Disgby Widget – What if I am not there?

On my blog, there is a Digsby widget that allows you to instant message me.  The problem is that I forget to sign out of Digsby at night.  So I come in to work in the morning and have 2 or 3 messages, but the person is gone from the website.  I have to remember to sign out.

However, to cover the use case, I added in a contact form on the right underneath the widget.  It’s the first WordPress plugin I found that matched my needs.  I will research some more to see if there is one that is a little more fancy.

Feel free to ask me any questions.  I am addicted to helping people.

UPDATE:  I changed to the SMCF plugin for contact.  I like that is uses jQuery.  Click the link on the right and it makes a nice contact form.

Whatya think?