I finished People’s History, and started The Document Object Model. Already, I see that everything I have done with JavaScript so far has been sub-optimal. I need to get started making better methods.

For those curious, DOM is a way of looking at and manipulating an XML document or HTML document in a tree structure. Its very object-oriented and you can make very flexible widgets. Im working on a website to demonstrate some of these. Hopefully this can turn into a book one day.

This weekends goals:
1. Build Bookshelf
2. Put books on said shelf
3. Move other bookshelf to closet for Katie.
4. Hang curtains/shutters
5. Install light fixture for Ethan
6. Clean up and Organize closet.
7. Drag phone cord across street to update Tivo until SBC shows up.
8. Listen to Jets game on internet radio.
9. Take a nap.
10. Throw away broken bench in garage. (Please, can I?)

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