Don’t Mess with Texas

I need to take a trip to Texas next week, so I told the boys this morning. The very first thing they both said was, “Daddy! There are COWBOYS in Texas! They might think you are a bad guy! They have guns!”

Initially, I thought it was cute, now I think it was bizarre. Why this weird fear of Cowboys? Cowboys are usually good guys. And why would they think I could be mistaken for a bad guy? Ethan clarified after I asked. “They might think you are a bad guy in disguise as a good guy.” Oooohhh, now it is clear. So I told them, there are no more cowboys in Texas. Jared chimed in, “Daddy. There is one cowboy in Texas.”

Who is this one Cowboy from Texas. I can’t imagine they mean President Bush. He is from Connecticut! Preppie Ivy Leaguer from Yale! So who could this Cowboy from Texas be? Should I be afraid? How can I assure him that I am not a bad guy in disguise? And more importantly, will Katie implode having the kids for a week straight alone?

One thing is for certain: Don’t mess with Texas.

One reply on “Don’t Mess with Texas”

Well, in the movie “Tombstone” the cowboys were bad. And the Dallas Cowboys are evil too. Anyway, I think you need a nice big cowboy hat, than again maybe not. In the end, I would certainly mess with texas. They are all talk, talk with big hats and silly boots. If each state had a vote to leave the US and create its own country, what state would be at the top. I’m guessing Texas would be right up there. Than again, so would New York. I babbling, aren’t I?

Whatya think?