Dreamweaver is dead to me.

Well, that didn’t last long. I uninstalled Dreamweaver CS3. What a piece of garbage! Man, what the hell happened here? Macromedia (Adobe) bought a brilliant program from Nick Bradbury called Homesite. Then they proceeded to ignore Homesite and sue anyone who copied it’s innovative design. They they made Dreamweaver which systematically eliminated every single good feature from Homesite. The advanced find/replace sucks. Takes 3x longer to do simple tasks. They got rid of the split view for the folders so I can’t see anything. They added a million features that I will never use. Its bloated and sucks up ram. The install process refused to install unless Internet Explorer, Firefox and Outlook were closed. Then it took 20 minutes to install. And it pulled the same garbage to uninstall.

I am never, ever installing Dreamweaver again. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me 4 times, shame on me.

My god, Adobe has now killed two of the best programs I have used in the last 10 years. ImageReady and Homesite. Boo to Adobe. Booooo!

I am still using HTMLPad as my primary editor. It’s pretty good. Maybe 1-2 little grievances, but overall the best I have found.

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  1. I feel you. I was a heavy DWmx user until recently, when it began crashing upon loading (even after a reinstall). Went back to using Homesite (which I had already been using for large-scale find-and-replace operations). Can’t say I miss Dreamweaver. Now I’m going to check out HTMLPad.

  2. I have also been looking at Notepad++

    It’s Open Source, which is nice and has some decent features. I can’t seem to find the File Explorer in it. (?)

    The large-scale find/replace features in HTMLPad are roughly equivalent to Homesite. You know, I didn’t mention it, but TopStyle was written by Nick Bradbury after he left Macromedia. It’s good, but it seems to have stopped development too. Now Nick seems to work on FeedDemon exclusively. TopStyle hasnt had work on it in years.

  3. Not me, guys. I’m a true believer in DW and CS3 is better than previous versions. It is a powerful tool for designers who are swamped with work. Especially designers swamped with work who are by any stretch of imagination programmers. That defines me. So I’m sticking with it, even though I use NotePad for quick edits.

  4. I am not dead! I survived after reading the new e-book by David Deangelo called Conquer your Cancer and now I am back.
    My nimbus is stronger than ever!

  5. Dreamweaver sucks for coders..

    I was using Pspad before which is pretty great.. But was jealous when I saw how cool CS4 looked..

    So I installed it..

    Everything is slow even though I have a quad core with GTX295, 4gb of 1066mhz ram etc etc..

    So basically.. I was editing a live test site.. did a search and replace on all open documents.. It starts replacing and then trying to connect to server to search through the next document? I already have them open.. Why the crap is it re connecting to something I have already downloaded..

    Anyway.. half way through it just gives up, starts chucking up errors.. Finally “Lost connection” and actually deleted the file it was stuck on.. Absolute bullcrap.

    Also CTRL + B to add strong tags.. sometimes doesnt work.. Have to goto keyboard shortcuts, then close it, then it works again..

    Sometimes Ctrl + C selects all of the writing and copies everything..

    No updates have been released yet.. its such a poor poor crap program.

    PSPAD is like 100000 x better and its free and has ftp and everything someone needs.. just looks boring as hell.

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