Election & Decisions

Tomorrow is a special election in California. Almost all of the measures are sponsored by right wing nut jobs. Also known as Wingnuts.

Here are the proposals.

  1. Prop 73: Parental Notification of Abortion. Puts in the constitution that life begins at conception. I vote NAY.
  2. Prop 74: Public School Teacher Tenure. We treat teachers like total crap. Is this how Wingnuts think we can attract better/more teachers? I vote NAY.
  3. Proposition 75: Union Dues for Political Purposes. Trying to limit the power of the working man. I vote NAY.
  4. Proposition 76: State Spending and School Funding Limits. Yeah, the schools are getting TOO MUCH money. We need to cut back. How about no school at all? Just put those kids to work in slave labor? Losers. I vote NAY.
  5. Proposition 77: Redistricting. Somewhat torn on this one. I like the idea of redistricting to be “fair” and logical, I do not like the idea of Texas style redistricting. Additionally, we do not have an up to date census. I vote NAY.
  6. Proposition 78: Discounts on Prescription Drugs. Same “name” as Prop 79. NPR described this as an issue between implementing something shitty now or implementing something that will spend lots of time in court and not go into effect later. The main thing I ask is, “What the fuck do I know? Stop asking me! I elected you morons, figure it out. NO MORE PROPOSITIONS! I vote NAY.
  7. Proposition 79: Discounts on Prescription Drugs. Same as above. Stop asking me, I have no idea which is better. I vote NAY.
  8. Proposition 80: Electric Service Providers Regulation. At first, I thought this made sense. Regulate Energy in California. Great. But I am reading the exact wording of the proposition and it is highly confusing. I checked out the websites, and since YES on this vote agrees with my other choices, I will vote, finally YEA.

Ok, other decisions. Should I try and install FreeBSD 6.0? I am very tempted. I have alot of programs I use every day that I would have to get alternatives. Outlook, Newsleecher, Jalbum…Actually, Jalbum would probably work. I know a new Vista will be out soon. And if nVidia would get their act together and publish LDDM drivers for the video card, I am going to try installing the next Beta release. I vote NAY on FreeBSD and YEA on the next Vista.

Additionally, I am moving forward on the decommission of my mail server despite the good Netbios name. Alpha. It is my Alpha Mail Server. Get it? Alpha Mail? The vote for outsourcing email is YEA. After I do that, I am going to use the server to install Media Center Edition of Windows and see if I can get a home-grown TiVo box.

Lastly, I started doing pushups again. I add one pushup each day. I started with 5. Now I am up to 16. Hopefully, no one will encourage me to quit! (That means you Penny and Katie). On doing pushups every day, I vote YEA.

2 replies on “Election & Decisions”

I don’t know much about each one, but I would if I lived there. I have read about Prop 77 and I would surely approve of it. Redistricting is one of the man ways that government officials make sure they never lose an election. It is also an unfair way that the majority party maintains or expands it majority. In the New York legislature this is a major problem and every ten years the Democrats in the House and the Republicans in the Senate (both the majority party in their respective house) agree to mutual screw both minority parties by agreeing to whatever new restricting the majority draws up. It is unfair and certainly undemocratic. As someone correctly once said “New York State Legislators get reelected at a higher rate then the Politburo. This proposition partly take the power to redistrict away from the legislatures and puts in the hands of retired judges. I would think current judges would be fine, but whatever. And thus, I urge you to vote for prop 77.

Whatya think?