Enron and War

What the heck happened to Enron? This was the biggest corporate rip-off ever and no one brings it up at all. I think that the War on Terrorism and the War in Iraq is actually just a big distraction from corporate greed and abuse scandals.

Why doesn’t Kerry say as much? Something like this:

“The President is a one-trick pony. He talks about the War on Terror. What about the War on Drugs? The War on Crime? The War on Poverty? The War on Illiteracy? How about Corporate scandals like Enron? They ripped off hundreds of thousands of seniors of their life savings. They scammed states out of billions of dollars in illegal energy trading. They laughed about ripping of grandmother’s on tape! Where is the justice?”

Every time Bush talks about Terrorism, Kerry should say, “Great, What about the rest of our problems? Man can not live on War and Terrorism alone!”

One reply on “Enron and War”

John Kerry is a Senator and has been for 20 years. Many of the problems you mentioned are more Kerry’s fault that Bush’s. But it doesn’t matter anyway, issues don’t really matter anymore. Poor country, poor poor country.

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