I have seen people with e-cigarettes frequently in the past few months.  The styling of the devices generally look like regular cigarettes.  A few look bigger and stranger, almost like miniature hookahs.  It got me thinking that we could be entering a new fad.  In a few years, we might see the pipe making a comeback.

Pipes used to be very fashionable.  Famous people had their unique pipes.  Even fictional characters like Popeye and Sherlock Holmes were usually portrayed with a corncob or elegant pipe.

It’s a bold statement, isn’t it?  Imagine your work neighbor like this:



Or you could rock the Gandalf look.



But no smell, and no second-hand smoke. I think a pipe renaissance is on the way.  I remember having a pretend pipe as a child.  I think people might even get them without the nicotine. just to be stylish.




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