ExtJS 2009 – Summary

The video might take a little while, so here are my slides via Slide Rocket.  Some bugs again uploading it, so my fonts are busted.  Sorry.

Generally, this is my summary of the conference:

  • The alpha of the ExtJS designer is really cool.   It’s basically a ExtJS version of Visual Studio in a browser.  You can make Ext layouts and interfaces using a WYSIWYG editor.  Very promising.
  • They are launching a Market Place where you can buy/sell/sponsor different plugins and extensions.  I think this is a pretty smart move and will help spread the love around.
  • ExtJS 3.0 is a solid upgrade, with a bunch of improvements and new features that were very well received.  I am worried that my CSS will break for the buttons, but hopefully it won’t be  so bad.  Improvements include:
    • Flash boxes (useful for Flash charts)
    • Row Editor. I love this for editing a lead in Marketo.
    • This.mon – memory management
    • Vertical layouts
    • Overflow on toolbars – I like this very much.
    • Menu overflow, with better up/down controls
    • Endless scrolling, dynamic population to limit dom size.
    • More flexible layouts
  • Ext Direct.  Sort of over my head, but people were excited about it.
  • GWT stuff.  Seems to be important to a small subset of the group, but it’s hard to tell.

Overall, it was a well put together conference.  Everyone was nice, the hotel was beautiful.  Attendees were highly engaged.  Good work ExtJS.

I hope my presentation was well received and I get invited to speak elsewhere.  I get such a good feeling every time I get the chance.

Here are some pictures of my talk.
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6 replies on “ExtJS 2009 – Summary”

You know, I’m sure there’s some who’ll think the Ext marketplace is silly, but those things are always great when it comes to organizing an otherwise confusing plugin/app system.

Thanks for the news. Could you please tell me where is the ExtJS designer you talked about? Can I find it online? I know some of ExtJS designers already such as http://www.projectspace.nl/ but I think you are talking about a different and original one.

Whatya think?