ExtJS Core – First Glance

I’m sitting in a conference room watching a demo of the new ExtJS Core, which is basically a “light” version of ExtJS that is meant to be used on public websites.  This sort of breaks my existing mental model for ExtJS.

Previously, I thought of ExtJS as being great for applications and jQuery as the obvious choice for Websites and simpler apps.  I have been reading the manual and I definitely see how Ext-Core has borrowed alot of ideas from jQuery, but is clearly still a ExtJS product.  I mean “product” loosely, as Ext-Core is free (MIT License) for anyone to use.  It’s open, but I don’t know what the “roadmap” is for it.

In doing a few “Hello World” experiments with it, I can see a clear benefit.  Let’s say you want to LEARN ExtJS;  I would suggest starting with Ext-Core and doing  some basic website enhancements.  The reason is that you would learn the syntax and style of ExtJS in the process.  This would allow an easier learning curve.

However, if all you know is HTML/CSS then this feels much heavier than jQuery is.  Maybe a Dojo or Prototype developer might be tempted to switch?  Certainly, an existing ExtJS developer would like it’s familiarity.

Truthfully, I am a little mixed up on the ExtJS vision.  They have server-side products, application products and now a free website product.  My mental model for ExtJS is the client-side application framework, but clearly there is more going on over there.

Whatya think?