Fantastico Upgrade of WordPress

Since switching to, I have been pretty happy.  Speed is good.  However, they just allowed something to happen which kind of annoyed me.

I had installed the latest version of WordPress when I switched over and imported my blog.  After a while, Lunarpages got the upgraded version of WordPress as well.  So they kept emailing me to upgrade.  Over and over they kept bugging me.  Technically it was Fantastico bugging me, which is their “installer” program.  But still, no way to make it stop.

So finally, I said, OK, I will click the button to upgrade.  It seemed to go fine.  Then Rachel just pointed out that I had all these weird characters popping up in the posts.  Posts that I used WordPress to type in.  Not MS Word with Cut/Paste.  So the upgrade apparently screwedme up because it switched from Latin to UTF-8.  I have no idea what it means, nor do I want to know.  If you don’t speak English, is not for you.

I was panicking when I saw that my database had these characters EVERYWHERE.  Then I found this great article on the subject. It clearly states how to fix the problem.  Thank goodness.  I was totally going to make things worse.

God Bless the Internet.

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