Figma or XD (again)

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I’m all set up at my new desk. I have a riches of monitor space. They are attached to arms so I can lift it up and show the work to someone standing next to me. My new laptop is the Dell XPS 13-9350. No USB port! Crazy, but its working well so far.

I’ve been working in Figma designing my new product, and I just got an email from Adobe announcing their 2018 line including the new Adobe XD. I am still so torn on which tool to commit to.

On the one hand, Figma has concurrency, constraints and a good component library.  On the other hand, Adobe is going to pour resources into their product. They already have the library somewhat matched.

If I take the long view, I should choose Adobe. They are going to win the war. They are too big with too many resources.

If I take short view, Figma is better now and I can always learn Adobe later.  However, I know me and I tend to stick with one tool for a long time.

This is a hard choice. If Adobe had their concurrent designing worked out then I would probably switch now. I am going to install XD now and just play with it for a few minutes.

I just noticed that it’s a 7-Day Trial.  Hmm. $10 per month or $119.88 a year. Are you serious Adobe? A 12 cent discount?! This bullshit alone makes me want to stick with Figma. That’s just lame. It would have been better to not include an annual option at all.

Sometimes Adobe makes it so hard to love them.

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  1. Figma based on the principle that it’s best to be a customer of companies that are similar-sized. Figma needs you as much as you need them. Adobe, not so much.

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