Finally, a UTF-8 WordPress Converter!

Just what I wanted for the holidays!  As previously blogged, I had been having trouble with the latest versions of WordPress because they switched from Latin to UTF-8 character set.  I found a fix, which basically said, “Leave it as Latin”.  But finally, I found a 1-step UTF-8 Converter Plugin.  GENIUS!!

It didn’t just work well.  It worked perfectly.  So perfectly, that I would suggest WordPress to include it as part of the base package.  This is absolutely a thing of beauty.  Thank you!  Nice blog design by the way.

In 2 days, WordPress 2.3 will out.  I am so giddy with this success, that I think I will upgrade right away.  I was thinking of updating the style on my blog, but I just feel it’s too much effort right now.  I have to focus.  Don’t add things to the list!

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