Firewalls and Laptops

Something is inside my body making me feel ill. I barely have an appetite. Yesterday I felt like I was going to pass out. Dizzy spells. Body shakes. I want this to go away.

Yesterday, I got my new firewall. The Sonicwall Tele3 was pissing me off. First of all, it only had 10 internal IPs. Additional IPs were hundreds of dollars. Secondly, the firmware downloads were not free. Boo and Boo. Hiss. I am officially off Sonicwall. They can kiss my business now and forever goodbye. They are second to last only because Cisco’s user interface is the worst thing I have ever seen.

My replacement is a Hotbrick 401W. The features/price are quite impressive. 125 IPs, Wireless G (Although I don’t see WPA encryption), free uploads, 4 port switch, UPnP, and everything else that I need for $130. I am replacing the tele3 and the Microsoft wireless device (MN-700) with this one device.

Of course, the interface looks like a programmer designed it in 20 minutes back in 1995 using CGI. Why can’t these device manufacturers realize that interface is an important part of their products? It takes a week to just make the HTML look presentable without even changing the interaction. Hotbrick has a professional website. Why do they have a lame look on the actual product? It is boggling to me. Boggle.

Anyway, the thing is working and I am pleased. Sonicwall had a better log system, but it is a minor loss. I am missing WPA security, but at least I have the G speed. Let’s see how this holds up over time.

Also, I did some research on a new computer for Katie. Her Toshiba has did it’s service and now must be retired. It is 300 mhtz. Ugh. I am looking at an Inspiron 9300 for her. Heavy (10 lbs) but she is not going to move it around. 17″ screen, Pentium M 1.6 mhtz, 1 gig of ram, for $1500. I also like the Averatec’s machines. They are cheap. A laptop for me may wait a little longer. Not exactly sure what I want. Dell has a lightweight model Inspiron 700m, but I need to think on it for a while longer.

Whatya think?