First day of new job – Adchemy

Today is the first day at my new job.  I’m excited and nervous.  At Marketo, I had built up a ton of respect from my colleagues for solving problems over the years.  At the new job, I have to start from scratch.  I need to learn what they do and how I can best help.  Success is never guaranteed, but I feel good about the opportunity.

I am managing two designers at Adchemy, so that is exciting.  I remember working with Sean and Florence at Intuit and how fun and energizing that was.  Designers are like uranium bricks.  When you put them next to each other, they get hot with activity.  Who, in this metaphor, would be the carbon rods?  I’ll leave that for another day.

Adchemy’s market is very familiar to me.  At heart, it is the same marketing folks I have been working with for years.  Although, in this case, I am working on a different part of their jobs.  Looking at Adchemy’s website doesn’t really do justice to the cool technology and value they have.  Hopefully, I can help with that side of things too.  Their site uses jQuery, so it can’t be that bad!

Katie seems more excited than I am.  She was bubbling with enthusiasm all morning.  It sort of freaked me out.  I feel better thinking of it as a “no big thing” event.  Although, that is just a lie I tell myself to stay focused.  Even though I love change, change is not something we humans are hard-wired to handle gracefully.

Change has always been good for me.  Hopefully this will be no exception.

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Thanks everyone. My first day was fantastic. My second day is going swimmingly as well. I feel like the things I am good at are really needed and the things that I am bad at are already covered. It feels like a great fit.

Still, I feel strange being at a new job. It almost feels like I am consulting or in some weird time warp. Time will settle me in. But so far, I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks Erik. Although I wonder how you were aware of my work ethic?

I am glad to see you guys put more pictures of your product online. I have been trying for years to help the industry see that transparency is good for everyone. When solid user experience pervades all of the marketing automation players, I think the industry can “cross the chasm”. Too many players have difficult to use and boring software.

Whatya think?