Flash of Inspiration

Flashes of inspiration are a critical ingredient for great design.  However, they really are brief moments in the life of a project.  The real work of making something great is time consuming.  It is iterating and polishing and re-ordering and re-conceptualizing and backtracking and focusing relentlessly for long periods of time.

Design is a marathon, not a hundred yard dash and certainly not a flash of a light bulb.  Great designers stay focused on a topic and see it through.  Great designs that stand the test of time have the marks of polish, the detailed thought and craftsmanship of someone who put in the long hours.

I’ve heard the expression overnight sensation, 5 years in the making.  Whether you are a musician working for years before that big hit or a web designer that spends months making the logo “just right”, the time spent is an investment.

Flashes of inspiration are nothing without the hard work that follows.  Keep up the good work!

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