I am pleased with in general. The capabilities are pretty diverse and robust. The only complaint I have (and of course, this is the one thing I would pick on) is the UI. There spread all kinds of features around the page in seemingly random fashion. I found some pretty useful features completely by accident. I think a more organized information architecture, putting the buttons and links in a more logical order would help.

The upload tool seems to work, but the tagging and sets features are sketchy. I am finding it difficult to keep my sets in orders. Basically, I want to organize the sets by year. Most of my newer images have time/date stamps but a bunch of the old ones do not. I need to fix the issues. Set management is not crystal clear how it works.

An example of a UI issue was when I clicked on a set, the only way to view all of your sets was to click Cancel. There should be a button called “Sets”, since these are the top level organizing factors. Additionally, tags do not seem to work as they are supposed to. I tagged lots of pictures, but when I go to “My Tags” they just aren’t there.

Overall though, this looks great. I wonder how long it will take Google to do something similar with Picassa. I tried Picassa by the way. Neat little program.

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Whatya think?