Future Glen: Nanobot Swarm

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I wear clothes. The materials are not found naturally like a bear pelt. They are combinations of many things using modern (and ancient) technologies.

I used to wear glasses to correct what nature gave me for eyesight. I then had Lasik, literally lasers in my eyeballs to fix my vision permanently. I had braces to move my teeth into a socially acceptable shape. Recently, I had people open up my skin and play with my wrist ligaments to eliminate pain from a natural tear.

I eat food that has been shipped from thousands of miles away and treated with chemicals to keep it fresh.

I live in a house that has a device to heat my food, and another to keep it cold and yet another to keep it frozen. In fact I have three different device to heat the food with a press of a button. I have plastic bags to keep it fresh.

All of these and more are examples of where we as people mess with nature to make our lives better. So don’t be a baby when I take it to the next level.

By the year 2035, I am going to transfer my consciousness to a nanobot swarm that can take the shape of me, but better looking. I’ll have my hair back and rock hard abs. I will be able to create virtual worlds where I am God. I will interfere with their lives like a crazy enormous game of Sim. I will then lose interest, but forget to turn off the game and they will assume God is dead. The little sim creatures will eventually build technology to allow themselves to become nanobot swarms and have their own virtual reality.

At this point, we won’t need to eat or sleep or even stay on the earth. We will all become virtual gods living forever and creating our own realities, explore distant galaxies and make it up as we go.

It’s very possible that people alive in the year 2035 will live forever.

OK, I am done writing this communication on my magic machine. End Transmission.



  1. If your future does exist, there will have been one reality and countless artificial realities (like your sims analogy). It seems kind of silly to think that we exist in the one real reality and not one of the simulations (statistically speaking). Are we just waiting for our lost creator to came back in the room realize he forgot about our world and just shut us down (probably to create a new simulation that is more interesting). For all you know, the entire simulation was created just to see how you would turn out (with everybody else being a program, with me being a program that is trying to tell you the truth, even though you will never truly believe it. In a way, this is a comforting thought, that all the anguish and destruction that humankind has caused wasn’t ever real.

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