Giant Trees

This weekend, we went to the Sequoia National Park and saw Giant Sequoia trees, which are the worlds largest trees by volume. The largest one we saw was the General Grant Tree, which is the worlds 3rd largest Tree. We didn’t have enough time to visit the General Sherman Tree, world’s largest. We walked through the forest and soaked in the atmosphere. The trees made me think of Dinosaurs. They were so big, so intimidating, I could only think of the large Dinosaur bones. (Strange website selling dinosaur bones.)

We had a good time, but it took a long time to get there and to get back. I am pretty drained. Today, we are going to try and hit Stanford University. I had been on a tour there as a kid. I wonder if we can get a guided tour? The link on their website seems broken or very slow.

The boys have been so happy with Aunt Abigail and Bapu and Susu. They are giddy. Already they are looking forward to Uncle Daniel and Aunt Lindy with cousin Molly next month. Life is good.

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